Events and Exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions

DiversEarth creates and curates events and exhibitions that promote nature, culture and spirituality


We organise and support events and exhibitions that promote our projects and the themes of nature, culture and spirit and people we work with. This helps us to connect with wider audiences, including youth, promote different ways of living and consuming, and involve as many people as possible in the move to care for nature in our everyday life.

To this aim we have worked in many different venues from local schools to some of the most prestigious exhibition venues, such as the Bardo museum in Tunis, the Natural History Museum in Geneva and the Botanical Gardens in Madrid.

On the Move – a travelling photography exhibition


On the Move: commissioned by the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture, and coordinated by DiversEarth, On the Move is a unique, travelling photography exhibition celebrating the lives, challenges and ecological knowledge of mobile pastoralists in the Mediterranean region.

From North Africa to the Middle East, from the Iberian Peninsula to Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, the exhibition features the work and talents of 6 professional photographers from six countries.

Explore On the Move travelling exhibition.



On the move exhibition
DiversEarth at Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable Development Week

DiversEarth participated twice in the University of Geneva’s Sustainable Development Week.

Organised by the Students Association and Do It Yourself Geneva, this week long event introduces themes related to sustainable development to youth through stalls, round tables, conferences, workshops, films, and meetings with local professionals, NGOs and international organisations.

In 2017, DiversEarth took part with a stand that invited students to reflect on “Sustainable Development’ by listening to sounds of nature. After all, true sustainability starts from within. See photos from the event…

The following year, DiversEarth introduced visitors to the nearly forgotten practice of Winter Transhumance in Switzerland. The cheese tasting activity had a lot of success.

Peace Pals anniversary event

‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ – Not just a slogan, but a real aspiration for the thousands of children from 62 countries who entered the 2017 Peace Pals art competition.

For its twentieth anniversary, Peace Pals International – an initiative of the World Peace Prayer Society joined forces with IUCN and DiversEarth to inspire peace education around the globe in relation to environmental protection, with the theme of Nature for All – Loving the Earth.

Check our Peace Pals event summary, photo gallery and video report.

Peace Pals event Press Release in English and French.

Peace Pals art competition 2017 winners and finalists.


Peace Pals anniversary event
Step into action event

Step into Action

Engaging young people in getting involved in charitable actions is the aim into Step Into Action, an event organised by Euforia.

We had the chance to participate twice and reach out to around 1200 students from a wide variety of schools that attended workshops on themes around sustainable development and met with a range of local and international NGOs – DiversEarth being one out of the 22 organisations represented.

The charitable actions we offered were to spend a day on Winter Transhumance with a Swiss shepherd family and to help a farmer preparing the summer pastures on Salève Mountain.

Switch Off To Switch On for Earth Hour

DiversEarth took part in Earth Hour to help us remember our connection to the earth, led by our very own Liza Zogib. 

We invited participants to turn off their lights, and remember that we are part of everything and that everything is us. To remember that all that we do has an effect, and that it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to protect our only planet.

Sustainable Development Week