Since 1900, the Mediterranean has lost almost 50% of all its wetlands, the loss of which still continues today. Wetlands (which include lakes, ponds, rivers, lagoons, coral reefs and coasts) are home to some of the most special, unique and diverse native plants and animals, and many of them form important stopovers and breeding grounds for migratory birds. Funded by the MAVA Foundation, 12 organisations big and small are partnering to help save these precious ecosystems that are of great important not just to animals and plants, but also the communities that thrive there. Wetlands are rich in heritage and culture (as we’ve seen through the Rapid Assessment Report done as part of the MCNC project and the work our MCNC partners are currently doing in Messalonghi-Aitoliki, Ghar El Melh, Gediz Delta and Byblos on traditional fisheries) and include a variety of unique agricultural and fishing practices, salt harvesting techniques, and traditional and artisanal crafts. Providing a cultural perspective, and using art and creative messaging to raise awareness for conservation issues, are some of the things DiversEarth does best, and we were delighted when the MAVA Foundation invited us to attend and contribute to initial discussions regarding their strategy ‘Coastal Wetlands’ in Tour du Valat last year. In addition to being a part of the core communications team for this overarching initiative, we will be co-creatively conceptualising and creating a Sand Art film, which will tell the story of why wetlands are vital to the health and well being of people and the planet. Using the appropriate medium of sand, we look to engage and build awareness among the general public for the values and services that Wetlands provide.