We’re pleased to announce a new global and open initiative for mobile pastoralism called Roads Less Travelled, in collaboration with Trashumancia Y Naturaleza and Yolda Initiative.

Launching on Monday 28 May 2018 at CCRN and IUCN’s Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods conference in Halifax, Canada, Roads Less Travelled supports and helps mobile pastoralists maintain their lifestyles and continue moving freely through the landscape.

We strongly believe that nature can be protected in many different ways, by many different people –there isn’t just one correct method. We see this in communities across the globe who sustain their surrounding nature simply by how they live their lives. Celebrating this diversity, and supporting and protecting the rights of communities who wish to continue this highly beneficial way of life is the heart of Roads Less Travelled programme.

The programme is made up of 5 overlapping Work Packages (main elements of the initiative) under which our projects take place – working in close collaboration with communities, nomadic tribes and the organisations that support them:
1. Understandingthe state of play of mobile pastoralism
2. Making the case for mobile pastoralism (biodiversity, climate, culture, rural economy, etc. evidence based)
3. Supporting pastoralist rights and recognition
4. Celebrating the lives of mobile pastoralists
5. Learning from nomadic spirituality and life ways.

Watch the replay of our launch on our Facebook page.

Download the Press Release in English, French, Spanish or Turkish.